1hr 23mins
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Nova Pilbeam and Derrick De Marney

The daughter of a police chief runs away with a man wrongly accused of murder with the aim of clearing his name

This Hitchcock crime thriller features a sequence of events that were filmed in a railway yard. Although this used nothing more than a detailed model railway with Bassett-Lowke models, there are a couple of glimpses of real railways that appear as part of back-projection. There is also a brief glimpse of the entrance to the cattle dock sidings at Twyford station in Berkshire. The film was based on the 1936 novel A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey and was released in the US under the title The Girl Was Young.

This car containing Nova Pilbeam, Edward Rigby, and Derrick De Marney is not really in a railway yard, it is in the studio. The back-projection plate behind shows some sidings full of various wagons.
Meanwhile, this police car has been halted at a crossing in the yard as a GWR freight train passes as part of the back-projection
This is real, however. The view is that looking out of the cattle loading area at Twyford station in Berkshire, with the now demolished Royal Station Hotel in the background.