Info on Sources

A lot of information was originally sourced from Glyn Horton’s Guide to Britain’s Railways in Feature Film and John Huntley’s Railways on the Screen and I am indebted to both. The information was adapted for the purposes of this website and in most cases was greatly expanded on, with much valuable information also gleaned from John and Brian Tunstill’s quite superb Reelstreets website. This site has helped in providing conclusive evidence towards the identification of quite a number of railway station scenes, as has Nick Cooper’s now somewhat dated website on the London Underground in film and television. The BFI website has proved a wonderful aid to viewing many films for free, and for a small subscription fee many others too at very little cost. It is well worth visiting as the range of movies on offer is simply staggering. I am also happy to admit to having used Wikipedia as a source. It is quite reliable at times and although people never admit to using it, it is invariably everyone’s first port of call. It may only be as good as the information provided, but if that information can be proved correct then it can prove a useful tool. A number of heritage railway websites have provided a list of films that have been shot using their facilities, the Bluebell Railway’s site is most notable in this respect, and these have been consulted quite regularly. The website has proved invaluable at identifying London Underground trains, and has done likewise for First Generation DMU’s. Both websites are a joy to trawl through. Blood and Custard – A Railwayman’s Website ( covers in great depth the history of Southern Region electric stock and has proved very useful in helping to identify particular coaches. The brilliant Southern Railway E-Group website ( has been equally helpful at identifying Southern Region EMU’s, but has proved particularly worthy at identifying route codes. At this point I must extend my grateful thanks to Trevor Johnson, who has personally supplied a number of real gems in the way of movies, the majority of which I am sure would have escaped my notice otherwise, and to Paul Warner for his help in identifying a number of locations, particularly those on the Western Region that proved difficult to ‘nail down’. Finally, I need to give thanks to my friends and family for continually pointing me in the direction of various films, to Gary and Karen James for all your inspiration, you really did make me see the light, Sleepy Z for creating the website in the first place, and to my wife, Philippa, for having so much patience when all I wanted to talk about was ‘yet another film with a train in it’. I am forever grateful to you all.