1hr 33mins
Dir: Peter Hall
Starring: David Warner and Elizabeth Spriggs

A young man gets a job at a power station just so that he can grow mushrooms

This dreamlike satirical comedy is odd, and includes an equally odd yet highly unusual scene at a carriage washing plant of all places. This scene was filmed at Marylebone DMU depot with a Class 115 DMU passing through. Two shots of the same DMU feature, and DMBS vehicle No.51879 and TS No.59655 are identifiable. The film was not that well received by critics even though it was based on Henry Living’s award-winning 1964 play Eh? The film’s title is often shown with the number 4 digit in place of the word, though most sources seem to spell it out in full.

David Warner walks through the carriage washing plant at Marylebone DMU depot. What more can I say?
A Class 115 now takes its turn and slowly passes through the wash. The vehicle behind David Warner is DMBS No.51879.