1hr 29mins
Dirs: Harold Schuster and Glenn Tryon
Starring: Henry Fonda and Irene Vanbrugh

The tempestuous life of a fiery Spanish gypsy after she marries an Irish nobleman

This was the first ever three-strip technicolor movie shot in England or Europe, and although it is not a great movie it is a good one, and historically is without equal. There is one brief shot in this drama of a pair of London trams crossing Westminster Bridge, though they are partially obscured by other traffic. The film was based on Destiny Bay, two short stories by Donn Byrne that were published in 1928.

London traffic 1937 style. As the horse bus and early lorries jostle for position a tram heads away from the camera. This is probably the first ever appearance of a tram in full colour.
The shot runs long enough for a second tram to become visible in the far distance