1hr 38mins
Dir: Jonathan Lynn
Starring: Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt

An ageing hitman attempts to retire, only for a beautiful thief to change his plans

This black comedy was a remake of the 1993 French comedy Cible émouvante (Wild Target) and has an opening shot of Bill Nighy walking across Blackfriars Bridge as a Class 465 ‘Networker’ EMU crosses St. Paul’s Bridge behind. There are also some brief glimpses of Docklands Light Railway trains through the back window of a Mini, and a pleasing view of the frontage to Fenchurch Street station.

As Bill Nighy strides across Blackfriars Bridge a Class 465 ‘Networker’ EMU can be seen crossing the adjacent St. Paul’s Bridge
The tasteful looking building at the end of the street is Fenchurch Street station
Bill Nighy, Rupert Grint and Emily Blunt making their getaway. To the immediate left of Rupert Grint’s head is a Docklands Light Railway train
Moments later there is a similar DLR train to the left of Bill Nighy’s head