1hr 25mins
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Starring: Jack Hawkins and Sophie Stewart

During the First World War, a number of captured British officers attempt to escape from a prisoner-of-war camp

The story for this war drama was inspired by the real-life escape of 29 officers through a tunnel from Holzminden prisoner-of-war camp in Lower Saxony, Germany, in July 1918. The railway sequences in the film centre around studio recreations with some model work, though there is one day-for-night shot of a passing express hauled by an unidentified 4-6-0. Whatever the locomotive’s identity, it is wholly erroneous for a film set in World War One.

An express storms towards the camera in this day-for-night shot
The scene cuts as the locomotive passes the camera. It looks to be LMS in origin, possibly a ‘Black Five’, but it is a little difficult to tell.