1hr 17mins
Dir: Ray Selfe
Starring: David Jason and Imogen Hassall

A bumbling civil servant rescues some strippers from the sex trade

Forget the plot, this film has one purpose only now and that is as the forgotten film which David Jason once starred in. The film itself is not an exception in being tedious or embarrassing, in-fact it’s part of the norm of early 1970s British comedy films in being truly awful. There are a couple of good shots of Woldingham station though, with Class 207 DEMU No.1317 departing in one, and a scene on the Arlington Road industrial estate behind Twickenham Studios, with a couple of SR suburban EMU’s passing.

Vehicle 60142 belonged to class 207 DEMU No.1317, and it is seen here departing from Woldingham station
Having moved clear of the shot we can see the platforms more clearly. David Jason stands alone on what appears to be a cold and damp winters day.
This is an overall view of Woldingham station, on the Oxted Line in Surrey. Thankfully little has changed today and the delightful little wooden buildings still remain.
This is the industrial estate behind Twickenham Studios, and at the bottom of the yard a train is passing on the line between Richmond and St. Margarets stations. This yard also appears in the 1972 horror The Fiend (qv), with a shot closer to the railway line. Comparing that shot from The Fiend, the train in this shot may be a formation of 4 COR electric units.