1hr 42mins
Dir: Menahem Golan
Starring: Norman Wisdom and Sally Geeson

A middle-aged banker on his way to a convention picks up two young free minded women and falls head over heels for one of them

Despite being a comedy this film sees Norman Wisdom playing against his usual slapstick role, with mixed results. There is a scene where Wisdom is driving down a road adjacent to a four track railway. The road is the A562 as it passes beneath the A561 Speke Boulevard, and the railway is the main Runcorn-Liverpool route before electrification. The location of the shot is just east of the Halewood car factory. Incidentally, there was also a German dubbed version of the film which bears the title Öfter Mal Was Junges!!, but this version is 27 minutes shorter than the UK version, running to 75 minutes instead of 102 minutes.

Norman Wisdom driving down the A562 just east of Halewood with the yet to be electrified Runcorn-Liverpool line running alongside. With no other traffic on the road and green fields on the other side of the tracks this view looks misleadingly rural!!