1hr 24mins
Dir: Alexander Korda
Starring: Roland Young and Kate Cutler

A young bachelor foils attempts by his grandmother to find a wife

This rather pleasant early romantic comedy includes a scene filmed at Cole Green station on the Welwyn Garden City-Hertford line, with a train hauled by LNER N7/2 Class 0-6-2T No.2655. There are very good shots of the steam loco and equally good shots of the station, which include a fine overall view of it from the surrounding fields. The scene onboard the train is a set, complete with lace LNER antimacassars!

This lovely and wholly unprecedented view shows the train arriving into Cole Green station
This more orthodox view shows the train arriving into the platform
The production crew clearly went to great lengths to record the railway atmosphere during filming. First we were treated to good clear shots of the station, then we are treated to this! A fabulous study of LNER N7/2 Class 0-6-2T No.2655.
It is just as fine to see Cole Green station masquerading as itself. Having alighted at their destination, passengers leave the station.