1hr 45mins
Dir: John Guillermin
Starring: Peter Sellers and Margaret Leighton

A retired military general loses his mistress to his own son

This wonderful comedy is kept alive throughout by the stellar performances of Peter Sellers, Margaret Leighton and the French actress Dany Robin. It was based on a play of the same name by Jean Anouilh, though with its setting moved from France to Sussex. It has a few scenes filmed on the then newly formed Bluebell Railway with ex-SECR P Class 0-6-0 tanks, No’s 31323 and 27 Primrose, hauling trains formed of the Chesham rake. The scenes take place first at an occupation crossing just south of Hortsed Keynes, and then later at Sheffield Park station.

A confused Margaret Leighton stands in her night dress on the wrong side of the crossing
The train approaches hauled by a P Class 0-6-0 tank engine
The train passes in extreme close up and its identity is revealed to be No.31323
The train has passed and all the excitement is over by the time Cyril Cusack arrives in his vintage jalopy. This occupation crossing was located just south of Horsted Keynes station though the gates were a mock up. The crossing has now been removed.
The later comedy scene was filmed at Sheffield Park station with passengers boarding the Chesham rake. This view shows a busy scene on the fledgling railway, and filming no doubt helped its finances in the early days of the preservation movement.
As the train departs, John Fraser gives chase on his horse
In this view looking the other way we see the station more clearly. Note the train just passing out of shot of the right.
John Fraser still giving chase
The film ends with this run-by which shows that two P Class tanks were used in the film as this one is No.27 Primrose. One can make out a name on the tank side but photographs exist that show Peter Sellers and Margaret Leighton standing in front of the loco for a photo shoot thus confirming its identity for definite.