1hr 38mins
Dir: Michael Tuchner
Starring: Richard Burton and Fiona Lewis

The rise and fall of a sadistic East End gangland boss

This gangster film is based on James Barlow’s 1968 novel The Burden of Proof and features some scenes that involve a journey along the North London Line with Nigel Davenport boarding a Class 501 EMU at South Acton station, and a shot outside Acton Central station. We also see Nigel Davenport talking to Anthony Sagar inside a train and the view through the carriage window clearly shows the freight yards around the Old Oak Common area, yards that would not be passed on such a short journey. There is also a brief glimpse of the frontage to Chiswick Park Underground station. The final scenes in the film were shot in the Battersea area, and 2 BIL and 4 SUB EMU’s can be seen passing on the viaduct adjacent to the site of the former Nine Elms South Goods Depot. An additional panning shot of a 4 SUB EMU crossing a viaduct was filmed for this movie then not used. It can be found on Video 125’s DVD Diesels and Electrics on 35mm.

A Class 501 EMU draws into a rain-soaked South Acton station. The waiting Nigel Davenport boards vehicle 70143, which makes this 501143, though no set numbers were ever carried. The B4 headcode signified that this unit was working Broad Street to Richmond services.
Nigel Davenport and Anthony Sagar talking on the train, though Mr Sagar looks more interested in the well-stocked goods yards outside!! The view shows Old Oak sidings with the cooling towers of the now long demolished Acton Lane Power Station.
The frontage to Acton Central station. It is such a shame that we cannot clearly read all the wording offered by the fabulous Midland Region signage!!
Visible through the rear window of this car is the distinctive Underground station at Chiswick Park
As the Rover 3.5 Litre Coupe passes across the barren wasteland that was once Nine Elms South Goods Depot, a formation of 2 BIL EMU’s crosses on the viaduct behind in what would prove to be their final year of operation.
This is a similar location but with the addition of a steel viaduct that is being traversed by a rake of 4 SUB EMU’s