Dir: Vernon Sewell
Starring: Patrick Barr and Ruth Dunning

A psychopathic killer tries to frame a simple-minded man for his crimes

This B-movie serial killer short is one of the second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels, though it does appear to have been a part of the initial series of films. It has achieved minor cult status thanks to its unrelenting shabby grimness and some unintentionally comic, dated, and politically incorrect dialogue. The film is based on the novel Hughie Roddis and the play Hand in Glove, both by Gerald Savory, and in one scene, Terence Knapp wanders into railway sidings to collect some junk. Plenty of 16T open mineral wagons are visible and although the exact location of this scene is not known, it has been suggested that it could be Lots Road Power Station, Chelsea. In a scene shortly afterwards as a police officer makes a call from a phone box, a steam-hauled freight train passes by on an embankment, but it is barely identifiable as it is largely obscured by the window frame.

Terence Knapp in the railway yard with 16T minerals in evidence. The building in the background might well be Lots Road Power Station.