1hr 59mins
Dir: Peter Collinson
Starring: Suzy Kendall and Dennis Waterman

A well-off girl goes to live with the working class in Clapham

This drama was the movie version of the BBC TV play that originally aired in 1965 as an episode of the BBC anthology drama series The Wednesday Play. Both in turn were based on the 1963 collection of short stories, released under the same title, by Nell Dunn. As the title suggests various railway scenes appear that were filmed around Battersea with contemporary electric units of the time featuring. The opening scenes pan across Grosvenor Bridge with plenty of green EMU’s visible, including 2 BIL and 4 CIG types. There is also a very nice shot filmed at Clapham Junction station with Class 207 DEMU No.1315 arriving. Perhaps the best of all though is a panning shot at dusk, this time of a Class 73 electro-diesel working a short parcels train. The film ends with another shot of Grosvenor Bridge but this time with only one electric unit visible.

The opening shots show EMU’s on Grosvenor Bridge
The passage of this 4 CIG is followed as it crosses Grosvenor Bridge and passes Battersea Power Station
Clapham Junction station has appeared in many films but NOT from this angle. The platform chargehand watches as passengers begin to alight from Class 207 DEMU No.1315 which has arrived in platform 17.
Passengers make their way down to street level from the platform above. This rather dingy subway runs beneath the station from Clapham Junction Approach to the north side of the station. Thankfully, it has been somewhat tidied up today.
This view across the skyline at dusk gives us a somewhat unexpected glimpse of a Class 73 electro-diesel on a parcels train
In this cropped image from the shot above the outline of the Class 73 and its train can be more readily made out