1hr 29mins
Dir: Christopher Miles
Starring: Frank Ifield and Annette Andre

An aspiring Australian singer moves to London in the hope of a big breakthrough

This marvellously entertaining, tongue-in-cheek musical romp features a scene at the beginning with Frank Ifield at London Marylebone station. However, there are a number of continuity errors with this. When he runs to get on the train it is made up of BR Mk1 coaching stock, but when it departs it has become a Class 115 DMU. The shot of the green-liveried 115 is particularly good and the 2B74 headcode is for a Marylebone-Aylesbury service via the Met, yet Ifield is actually catching a train to London!!

Passenger rush to board a train at Marylebone. The maroon coach is a Mark 1 BSK.
A split second later, and the Mark 1 coach has transformed itself into a Class 115 DMU!
Despite the continuity errors we are treated to an excellent shot looking down the platform as the Class 115 departs on a service for Aylesbury