1hr 19mins
Dir: Harold French
Starring: Basil Radford and Valerie Hobson

A Fleet Street journalist investigates a network of German fifth columnists operating in the midst of the blitz

This wartime drama served as a propaganda film at the time of its release, and like most films of its era was almost entirely studio-bound. This including the scene at the end that used ‘Victoria’ station, and the earlier scene on the Underground at ‘Ginners Park’. The railway content is thus restricted to one very dark night-time runby of an express.

This shot of an approaching train at night is as good as it gets
But as the camera pans around things do get a little clearer. A mail bag dangles awaiting collection whilst a bridge is visible beyond.
This is the ‘Ginners Park’ Underground set. Despite being a wartime production, this is very detailed, even down to the light in the tunnel. The ceiling ‘rings’ are an added authentic touch. Could this be the real deal?