In this page there lies a mystery that I hope someone can help solve. The photo below was sent to me by a lady at Egham Museum. It shows Virginia Water station masquerading as Little Snitterden in a film from 1931 or 1932. Sadly, there is no further useful information attached to this photo or a companion, taken on the same day, of the station master and his wife. All we have is that it was given to the chair of the museum trustees by the stationmaster’s daughter. Pencil notes on the back indicate that filming took place on a hot Sunday in 1931/32 and that the cast posed with the Stationmaster, his wife and some of the station staff. The daughter was able to name only the staff! The people depicted are, from left to right, standing and on bench: Mr Furmage signalman, Mr Stevens porter, actress, actress, little girl actress, actress, Mrs Toze stationmaster’s wife, actor, Mr Toze station master, actor. Seated on ground: actor in railway uniform (?), Mr Broomfield booking clerk, actor (again in railway uniform?).

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The mystery photo of Virginia Water posing as ‘Little Snitterden’ for a film one hot summers day in 1931 or 1932. Note that the name appears to be a banner stuck over the top of the Virginia Water name board and not a sign actually created for the film.