U. F. O.

1hr 19mins
Dir: Tony Dow
Starring: Roger Lloyd Pack and Sara Stockbridge

Feminist aliens kidnap Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown for telling offensive jokes

The infamous stand-up comic Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown stars in this irreverent, science fiction spoof. Performing one night at the end of Blackpool Pier, ‘Chubby’ is beamed up to a spaceship populated by feminist aliens. Put on trial for crimes against women and quickly found guilty, the unapologetic misogynist is condemned to become pregnant every year for the next thirty years. You are either a fan of Royston Vasey or you’re not, and the author isn’t, but the film is not as bad as it sounds and is quite amusing in parts. Although filmed largely in Blackpool hardly anything tram related appears except for one very good close up run by of English Electric Streamline Railcoach No.678.

Railcoach No.678 trundles past the camera. Built in 1935, this was one of the very last to be withdrawn when it was stopped in 2006. It has been preserved in Fleetwood.