1hr 29mins
Dir: Freddie Francis
Starring: Alfred Lynch and Janette Scott

A US airman stationed in the UK goes on the run with the wrong girlfriend

This romantic comedy unusually has the two women as the main pursuers of the storyline. There is a scene filmed at a level crossing where George Chakiris and Jocelyn Lane get held up on their motorbike as the gates close. This was filmed at Colnbrook, on the former Great Western Railway’s Staines West branch from West Drayton but no trains are seen.

The crossing gates begin to close to road traffic. This level crossing took Bath Road across the Staines West branch in Poyle. Colnbrook station was to the right, and although it closed in 1965 the track at the site of the station still serves an industrial site. However, the level crossing has been closed and the line to the left, and onwards towards Staines, has been abandoned.
As the gates reopen we get a clearer shot of the crossing keepers box and adjacent house, the former crossing keepers house perhaps?