1hr 37mins
Dir: John Irvin
Starring: Ben Kingsley and Glenda Jackson

Two lonely Londoners decide to release back into the wild, turtles from London Zoo

This drama about ‘people rediscovering the joys of life and love’ is based on a screenplay adapted by Harold Pinter from Russell Hoban’s 1975 novel Turtle Diary. It features a scene with Ben Kingsley onboard District Line D stock and alighting at an unknown station, plus another shot of a similar unit in a night time run by. Finally, there are some lingering shots of Glenda Jackson sat on a bench on the banks of the River Thames close to Hungerford Bridge. When looking up in one shot, there is an obscured view of an EPB crossing.

Just passing out of shot to the left can be seen a BR blue & grey-liveried EPB, partially obscured by the railings of Hungerford Bridge
Ben Kinglsey leaves a District Line train at an unknown station. There are signs reflected in the windows and a pink building outside. Any ideas?