Dirs: Maggie Pinhorn and Tunde Ikoli
Starring: Tunde Ikoli and Colin Hennessy

Tired of being hassled by the police and with no job opportunities, a group of teenage lads plan to rob a bank

This rare drama is a potent and incisive slice of social realism and is filmed entirely around the Shadwell, Stepney, Whitechapel, and Bethnal Green areas of east london. The railway viaducts on the line out of Fenchurch Street feature quite prominently throughout, but the only trains visible feature purely on the peripheries and are not wholly clear. However, one appears to show a rare glimpse of a Class 308 EMU.

Tunde Ikoli and Colin Hennessy look out over the landscape as they discuss their future. These are the lines out of Fenchurch Street in the Shadwell area.
This is the view looking in the other direction. What a pity a train didn’t pass!
This view shows a train running along the viaduct but it is largely obscured. However, the roof mounted headcode box tells us that this is one of the small batch of Class 308 EMU’s built for the London, Tilbury and Southend route primarily for boat train services to Tilbury Riverside.
This night run by of another train is the only other one to feature in the film.