Dir: Roy Boulting
Starring: Manning Whiley and Barbara Everest

An unbalanced university student plans to kidnap a fellow pupil and bury him alive

This short quota quickie thriller was based on the play The Last Straw by Reginald Denham and Edward Percy and was released in the US under the title Design for Murder. It was then further released for television in the US under another title still: The Crime Expert. It features what appears to be scenes filmed at two railway stations, though the exact details are somewhat unclear, the author having including the film in the hope of clearing up the matter either way.

The trunk is dropped off at a ‘railway station’. The lamp posts and general background imagery strongly point to this being a real station.
A moment or two later and we see university students chatting at a ‘railway station’. The background building again looks ornate enough to be that of a station.