1hr 33mins
Dir: Freddie Francis
Starring: Joan Crawford and Michael Gough

A sympathetic anthropologist uses drugs and surgery in an attempt to communicate with a primitive troglodyte discovered living in a cave

This science fiction horror was Joan Crawford’s last motion picture, though she sadly did not leave on a high. The film is pretty dreadful, even by the standards of classic seventies horror, which often left a lot to be desired. There is a scene filmed outside the police station on Station Hill in Cookham, Berkshire, and the railway station is clearly visible in the background. The footbridge is still present showing that the station still had two platforms serving the through route to High Wycombe, truncated at Bourne End the year this film was made.

The station footbridge at Cookham is clearly visible behind the police van. The footbridge went the year this film was made whilst the police station has been a day centre named Elizabeth House since 1981.