1hr 15mins
Dir: Robert Springsteen
Starring: Kent Taylor and Ursula Howells

A newspaper reporter finds himself drawn into the aftermath of a ractrack robbery

This┬ámelodramatic crime caper has a couple of brief railway scenes. The first depicts Walton-on-Thames station, with George Rose crossing the tracks to evade police. Although an electric unit passes through the platform in one shot it is very dark, yet despite being largely indiscernible, it looks to be a 4 COR express unit with a destination board by the guard’s van door. A little later there are some much clearer scenes filmed at London Victoria where a couple of 4 SUB EMU’s put in an appearance.

In the background to this shot is the frontage to Walton-on-Thames station
George Rose about to cross the tracks at Walton-on-Thames
The film has now moved to London Victoria station where we see passengers making their way towards the exit having alighted from the 4 SUB EMU just creeping into shot on the right
The departure boards may form the backdrop to this view but visible beneath the ornate platform 13 sign in the background is another 4 SUB