1hr 35mins
Dir: Jonathan Frakes
Starring: Bill Paxton and Sophia Myles

After The Hood hijacks the Tracy family base, it falls to a young Alan Tracy to rescue his family

Based on the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds, this live action monstrosity was a complete failure at the box office leading to it gaining the tagline Thunderbirds Aren’t Go! During the London-set finale there are scenes filmed along the Thames around the South Bank and Hungerford Bridge, and trains creep into shot in several of these. Most remain rather indistinct but ‘Networker’ EMU stock is identifiable in one instance.

This is the South Bank, with the London Eye prominent on the right. Far less prominent is the train standing on Hungerford Bridge immediately to the left of Thunderbird 2.
As Brady Corbet and Vanessa Hudgens (or Alan Tracy and Tin-Tin) run up some steps, a train of Class 465/466 ‘Networker’ stock can be seen on Hungerford Bridge