1hr 21mins
Dir: John Gilling
Starring: Scott Brady and Mary Castle

An American merchant seaman visiting his brother in London discovers he is due to be hanged, and has three days to prove his innocence

This quite superb crime thriller was released in the US under the name White Fire, but had originally run with the working title They Walk Alone. Despite being called Three Steps to the Gallows in the UK, most of the publicity material uses the number 3 instead. At the beginning of the film, Scott Brady is getting off his ship in the Pool of London and there are shots of open wooden goods wagons on the quayside. A similar shot appears at the end of the film as he re-joins the ship after getting his brother acquitted of murder.

Scott Brady makes his way down the gangway to the quayside. The five-plank open wagon is numbered 351534 with an M (Midland) prefix.
As he begins his shore leave, Scott Brady walks past two more wagons. The first is 4-plank open No,254319, with an E (Eastern) prefix.
And as he looks back at his ship the third wagon comes into view. No.33792 is a Southern (S prefixed) vehicle.
As Paul Erickson watches his brothers ship depart, a line of empty mineral wagons await loading behind him