1hr 23mins
Dir: Sidney J Furie
Starring: Jack Watling and Carole Lesley

A man stands to inherit £8,000,000; but only on condition he spends the first million in sixty days

This comedy features a confusing scene early on that was filmed on the London Underground. Jack Watling enters Shepherds Bush Underground station and descends to the Central Line platforms where 1923 ‘Standard’ tube stock is present. He boards the train and has his umbrella destroyed in the train doors before being taken beyond his stop. After he has trouble getting off, the hapless fellow finally arrives at his destination. He leaves again via the same entrance at Shepherds Bush! The film is based on the 1902 novel Brewster’s Millions, which has been adapted into many films.

This is the entrance to Shepherd’s Bush station on the Uxbridge Road, London W12.
Given the shot above we shall assume that this is also Shepherd’s Bush
1923 stock on a Central Line service at Shepherd’s Bush. The stations on the Underground system were really that dark back in the day.
A 1923 stock train arrives into the platform, presumably this too is also Shepherd’s Bush
Clearly disorientated, Jack Watling finishes his journey where he started it. This is back at Shepherd’s Bush on the Uxbridge Road!