1hr 52mins
Dir: Alan Taylor
Starring: Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman

When Dr. Jane Foster gets cursed with a powerful entity known as the Aether, Thor is heralded of the cosmic event known as the Convergence

This American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Thor has a brief scene in which Thor finds himself teleported into Charing Cross Underground station, where he asks for directions to Greenwich before boarding 1996-built tube stock! There is quite a bit of filming in London, but the only other railway related feature to appear is a distant view of Waterloo station as seen from the air.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor arrives onto the platform at Charing Cross with a bit of a thud
Before asking the somewhat bemused commuters the way to Greenwich
As the train moves off Thor tries his best to look inconspicuous. Given my experiences on the Underground, few people will either notice or remember him!!
In this establishing view of London, the white roof of Waterloo station is just about visible to the right of the big wheel