1hr 55mins
Dir: David Lean
Starring: Robert Newton and Celia Johnson

Life between the wars with a London suburban family

This Technicolor drama has become a minor classic and is based on the 1939 play of the same title by Noël Coward. Some railway shots appear in the film to reflect the General Strike of 1926, and these include a shot of Paddington Goods depot with various wagons on view, a shot of the lines in the Clapham Junction area, a shot of Denham Station signal box, and a glimpse of a locomotive shrouded in steam which, although not entirely identifiable, appears to be of GWR origin. They do not amount to much overall but they are in colour, and this means we also get to see Celia Johnson and her eyes in the same light too! Later, there are some scenes filmed on Clapham Common and a London tram can be seen scuttling along in the background.

These are the lines on the approach to Clapham Junction and they are almost deserted, though two trains are present if you know where to look. This shot later appeared in black and white in the 1959 comedy I’m All Right Jack.
Wagons remain at a stand and milk churns are piled up on a platform at Paddington Goods depot. These are the sidings behind Royal Oak station, the building and stairs of which are on the left. Lords Hill Bridge is in the background and, interestingly, this shot too, later appeared in I’m All Right Jack in black and white (qv).
Guy Verney waves away a train with Denham Station Signal Box forming the backdrop
Following on from the shot above, the civilian population continues to get the country back to normal. ‘Gentlemen’ in suits board the footplate of a steam locomotive, possibly a 2-6-0 tender loco, and probably of GWR in origin. Note the station canopy just creeping into shot.
Clapham Common with Eagle Pond and a tram running along its south side. Although not unique it is actually quite rare to see a period tram in colour.