1hr 43mins
Dir: Danny Cannon
Starring: Harvey Keitel and Iain Glen

An experienced New York police detective is sent to London to help a local task force investigate a series of gangster killings

This underwhelming crime drama features some shots of Southern Region EMU’s passing in the Borough Market and Southwark areas of southeast London and these include Class 415 4 EPB, Class 411 4 CEP, and Class 423 4 VEP types. Another scene filmed in the City of London Cemetery in Aldersbrook has a pair of Class 315 EMU’s passing by in the background. Finally, there is a good scene filmed on the Piccadilly Line at Holborn Underground station with 1973-built tube stock featuring.

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As Harvey Keitel observes his surroundings a pair of EMU’s pass over the bridge behind him. This is Stoney Street, SE1, with Borough Market to the left. The EMU to the left of his head is a CEP, whilst that to the right is a VEP.
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As dawn breaks over Borough Market an early morning train crosses the viaduct arches. The lead unit is a Class 415 EPB in blue and grey. It appears to be coupled to a Class 423 4 VEP in NSE livery, a very rare, but not unheard of combination.
Trains pass behind Thandie Newton. The NSE-liveried example is another EPB.
This is the vast City of London Cemetery in Aldersbrook, E12. In the background, a pair of Class 315 EMU’s work a local service on the Great Eastern main line between Ilford and Manor Park stations.
These are the escalators at Holborn that take passengers from the ticket hall down to the mezzanine level
Craig Kelly walks along a cross-passage at Holborn. The sign mounted on the wall to his left is a clear indication as to his location.
He arrives onto a completely deserted platform. This is the northbound Piccadilly Line platform at Holborn.
In this shot looking the other way Craig Kelly is still all alone
A train of 1973-built stock has arrived, but no one gets on or off…..