1hr 16mins
Dir: John Lee Thompson
Starring: Kenneth More and Hy Hazell

A small boy thinks he killed his friend only to then be menaced by a real murderer

This very fine, taught little thriller, features some suspenseful final scenes filmed on the Central Line of the London Underground. Although several cross-passages and the ‘bombed’ station were a studio set, the bulk was filmed at Queensway station with 1923 ‘Standard’ stock present. The station masquerades as the closed ‘Weston Road’, and has been made to look the part of an abandoned one. The location of both the lift shaft and the emergency stairs is not known, but they were not filmed at Queensway. The scene with the signal cabin is believed to have used Marble Arch station. There are also several shots of the street level frontage to Queensway.

Is it just me, or do empty lift shafts look really sinister? This is a real shaft and not a set, but is isn’t known exactly where this was filmed.
Looking down the shaft, which is temporarily lit by the lights of a passing train
Andrew Ray tries to escape his pursuer at the abandoned ‘Weston Road’ station. Some of the station was a set but other parts like this were real. This is Queensway on the Central Line.
A Standard Stock train passes through a darkened Queensway
William Sylvester arrives onto the platforms a train passes behind
Sylvester gives chase to the young boy as the train passes through
Looking the other way now, and the ‘junk’ in the foreground has been added to give Queensway the feel of a closed and abandoned station
Here we are treated to a very rare glimpse inside a signal cabin. This was the time when most stations on the Underground had a signal cabin to check and control the movement of trains. Sticking to the Central Line, the track diagram on the wall appears to show the layout at Marble Arch, though that is only an educated guess.
Framed through the window of the rather homely little box, a Standard Stock train arrives into the platform
Police pour out of the train which has stopped specially at the disused station
The film reaches its gripping climax as William Sylvester attempts to evade capture by crossing a beam in the lift shaft. Sadly for him this ends in the only way possible.
This is Bayswater Road, and the entrance to Queensway Underground station is in the centre