1hr 34mins
Dir: Cliff Owen
Starring: Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins

A new trio of crooks appears in London, dressing as police and stealing from the established criminal gangs

This wonderfully original comedy features a Southern Region level crossing, which was Bushy Park Road in Hampton Wick, a level crossing that has since been closed and removed. It was situated on the Kingston Loop line between Hampton Wick and Teddington stations. No trains are seen, and nothing else railway related appears in the film unless you include the prints of steam locomotives that cover the walls of the police station!

From the rooftop of an adjacent building gang members have themselves a little picnic whilst they await the arrest of the other criminal gang. This view overlooks the former Bushy Park Road level crossing in Hampton Wick.
The signal box controlling the crossing is partly visible in this view of Bernard Cribbins
Down at ground level the crossing gates have now been closed, and the signal box can be seen behind John Le Mesurier on the left