1hr 45mins
Dir: Bryan Forbes
Starring: Edith Evans and Eric Portman

An elderly eccentric lady living in poverty comforts herself with fantasies

This bleak northern drama is dismally sad, hauntingly depressing, and emotionally exhausting. It was filmed on location in Oldham, Lancashire, yet despite this, there is a single stock shot of a Southern Railway express hauled by ‘Lord Nelson’ LN Class 4-6-0 No.859 Lord Hood passing through the centre roads of an unknown station. This shot had previously appeared in the 1958 film Carry On Sergeant (qv). The scene which follows has Eric Portman in the toilet on the train and it is very much a genuine shot and not a set, confirmed by the camera bucking around all over the place.

The stock shot of Lord Hood passing through a Southern Region station on an express