1hr 30mins
Dir: Cyril Frankel
Starring: Richard Todd and Anne Heywood

A young married woman finds herself being stalked by a sinister psychopath

This drama should have been so much better, but it is watchable none the less. It also features a good railway scene in which Anne Heywood goes to a railway station to take a train to London, but the station is in fact Broad Street, so she’s already there! These are rare views of London’s forgotten terminus which closed in 1986 and the scene portrays a pair of ex-LMS Class 5MT ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0’s, one of which is propelling stock out of the platform, and a pair of vintage Oerlikon EMU’s.

Anne Heywood at London Broad Street station
And in this much clearer view she makes her way towards her train
In this shot from behind the ticket barriers an Oerlikon EMU is arriving into platform 7. A similar unit is in the adjacent platform 6.
Anne Heywood gets to her train on platform 2 just as it is leaving. The ‘Black Five’ on the right is pushing from the rear.
Richard Todd looks for his wife as the train pulls out
Only to catch a glimpse of her walking back through the ticket barriers having missed it