Dir: Geoffrey Muller
Starring: Russell Napier and Elizabeth Corrall

Scotland Yard investigates the death of a man found in a fire, whose only clue to his identity is a glass eye

This short crime film was part of the Scotland Yard series, a series of 39 episodes produced by Anglo-Amalgamated between 1953 and 1961. They are short films, largely half-hour in length, that were originally made to support the main feature in a cinema double-bill. Each film focused on a true crime case, with only the names changed, and featured an introduction by the crime writer Edgar Lustgarten. The Unseeing Eye was No.30 in the series. These films should not be confused with the BBC television series of the same name broadcast in 1960 which are unrelated. The Unseeing Eye features a brief shot filmed outside Morden Underground station, which also appeared in No.35 of the series – The Silent Weapon.

Denny Dayviss leaves Morden Underground station at the end of her journey