2hrs 03mins
Dir: Ken Hughes
Starring: Peter Finch and Sonia Dresdel

Oscar Wilde sues the Marquis of Queensbury for libel with disastrous results

The screenplay for this drama is based on the play The Stringed Lute by John Furnell. The final scenes where Oscar Wilde leaves England for France take place at London Marylebone station, and although a rake of suburban coaches is prominent, the loco is not visible. For a scene supposedly taking place in 1897 the coaches are wholly inaccurate, though a degree of authenticity is lent by the LC&DR lettering on one.

The concourse of London Marylebone playing the part in a period scene
The brilliant Peter Finch, and the wonderful Yvonne Mitchell, embrace on the platform. The maroon coaching stock in the platform has fictitious LC&DR (London Chatham & Dover Railway) branding in a rather limp attempt at historical accuracy.