Dir: Tom Beckwith Phillips
Starring: Yumi Lambert and Mark Ryder

As she travels by train to advertise a soft drink, a hot-pink corporate mascot with amnesia is framed for theft

This short fantasy drama is an intriguing little number that also goes by the alternative, and somewhat ridiculous title of The Gummer Gooseberry Bubble Beverage Incident. It is a very elaborate tale that has only a little dialogue to go with the accompanying musical score. It is worth seeking out for its colour alone, though there is much to occupy the rail enthusiast. The majority of the film takes place on a train journey on the Bluebell Railway, and it all begins with a photo shoot at Sheffield Park station. The train is hauled by former Southern Railway Q Class 0-6-0 No.30541, and there are plenty of artistic shots filmed onboard. Note that in one elevated view of the train’s arrival into Sheffield Park, Maunsell U Class 2-6-0 No.1638 is standing in the adjacent platform with what looks to be one of the line’s ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0 tanks.

Henrietta Tate (aka The Bubble Girl and played by model Yumi Lambert) carries out her photo shoot at Sheffield Park. Wayne Kaplan stands guard to her right.
Passengers board at Sheffield Park in this atmospheric scene
Southern Railway Q Class 0-6-0 No.30541 pulls away from Sheffield Park station
Wayne Kaplan and Yumi Lambert inside the First Class compartment of No.7598. The pink sparkles on the floor are her tears!
No.30541 arrives back into Sheffield Park
Yumi Lambert transforms inside the guards compartment of Maunsell Brake Corridor Composite No.6686
This aerial view taken from the footbridge at Sheffield Park shows 30541 from a different angle. Sneaking into shot on the right is U Class 2-6-0 No.1638 with what looks to be one of the line’s ‘Terrier’ tanks behind it.