1hr 15mins
Dir: Gilbert Gunn
Starring: Forrest Tucker and Martin Benson

A friendly visitor from outer space warns against conducting experiments with the Earth’s magnetic field, that could mutate insects

This independently made science fiction horror film, meant as a cautionary tale about science, was adapted by Paul Ryder and Joe Ambor from the 1957 Rene Ray novel of the same name. Released as Cosmic Monsters in the US, it is a poor contribution overall to the realms of science fiction. A made-for-TV serial, adapted by Rene Ray in 1956, had aired previously in the UK and was the basis for this feature film. It opens with a rather fine tracking shot of ex-LNER A4 Pacific No.60009 Union of South Africa on a named express which is used to depict man having successful conquered the science of speed. In addition to this, there is a shot of the frontage to Bricket Wood station in Hertfordshire.

This stock image shows the now preserved 60009 Union of South Africa, presumably on the ‘Flying Scotsman’
This is the frontage to Bricket Wood station, a by now familiar view