1hr 41mins
Dir: Jeffrey Bloom
Starring: David Soul and Pamela McMyler

In 1930s England, a shady American and an Irish girl try to improve their fortunes using less-than-honest methods

This romantic comedy crime film was one of the first films from financier Arnon Milchan, but he felt the film was so bad he had his name removed from the credits and as a result it has largely been forgotten. There is one lengthy scene at the end of this film that involves an armoured van getting stuck on a level crossing as a steam train approaches. Filmed at Nappers Crossing on the South Devon Railway (or the Dart Valley Railway as it was at the time), the train involved was hauled by GWR 4500 Class 2-6-2T No.4555. The movie was known during production as Mud, a name by which it is sometimes still referred to as.

David Soul with a wonderful vintage cast iron GWR notice behind him
The criminal gang loiter at Nappers Crossing
David Soul holds a red flag whilst waiting for the armoured van to arrive. The diminutive wooden structure on the left is in fact Nappers Halt.
Having brought the armoured car to a stand the gang move in. This shot gives a better glimpse of Nappers Halt on the left. Just one door could fit the platform, which was built to serve the Sea Trout Inn on the River Dart.
In this shot looking the other way, the white railings of the bridge over the River Dart can clearly be seen
A view from the train approaching the crossing
The van pulls clear just in time to avoid being struck by GWR 4500 Class 2-6-2T No.4555