1hr 09mins
Dir: Robert Baker
Starring: Raymond Lovell and Joan Rice

A scientist and his wife become involved in a quest for the secret process of hardening metal

This crime drama has some interesting contemporary scenes that were filmed at Newhaven harbour that are packed full of interest. Although they do not form part of the main subject matter, there are brief glimpses of railway wagons in several of these shots, including what appears to be a rake of 4-wheel oil tanks. It should be noted that in most sources the definite article is removed from the film’s title, yet it was released as The Steel Key.

This is Newhaven harbour, and on the opposite side of the River Ouse some 4-wheel railway vans stand outside one of the storage sheds. The rear of a Mark V Jaguar adds to the nostalgia. The SM code on the fishing boat tells us that it was registered in Shoreham so was not at its ‘home port’. NN was the code for Newhaven boats.
As the Jag roars to a halt what appears to be a rake of 4-wheel oil tanks can be seen to the right
Perhaps the most notable feature here is the bufferstop creeping into view on the left. But can anyone spot the railway wagons in the background?