Dir: Pat Jackson
Starring: Harry Fowler and Dandy Nichols

A gang of thieves plot to rob a warehouse after an insurance salesman warns how vulnerable it is

This short crime film is a nice little curio, though it is little more than an elaborate advert for the insurance industry. It was presented by the British Insurance Association and was released at a time when the theft of goods through burglary was on the rise. There is a tense scene whereby the robbers use the sounds of a night freight to cover up their noise to good effect, during which we get some excellent close up shots of ex-LMS ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 No.45238. It is not known where this was filmed, but the loco was allocated to Warrington Dallam shed at the time of filming. This indicates that it may have been stock footage. The loco was withdrawn shortly afterwards as well, being taken out of service on Christmas Eve 1966. In addition to this, there is an earlier shot of the entrance to Wapping Underground station on the Metropolitan Line. My thanks are extended to Trevor Johnson for providing me with a copy of this rare movie.

The entrance to Wapping Underground station can be seen to the left of this view of Wapping High Street. The following year, an almost identical shot appeared in To Sir, With Love (qv), only in colour.
‘Black Five’ No.45238 draws slowly to a halt
Waiting patiently for the ‘peg’ to clear, the driver keeps a watchful eye on the signals ahead
Having been given the road, the ‘Black Five’ pulls away