1hr 05mins
Dir: Michael Law
Starring: Harold Warrender and Avril Angers

With the assistance of his daughter, a Scotland Yard detective captures a gang of six criminals

This low-rent crime drama has a short scene filmed at London Victoria station, which includes an excellent shot of ex-SR Bulleid ‘West Country’ Class 4-6-2 No.34101 Hartland arriving with a train. The locomotive is another that has survived the axe and can today be found in preservation. Another item of interest is the early 4 SUB EMU seen in the background of another shot.

Passengers and staff await the arrival of a train on platform 8 at London Victoria as ‘West Country’ Class 34101 Hartland pulls in. A former LMS BG stands in the adjacent siding with a more familiar Southern Railway CCT.
The police drive off. This is the former taxi road at Victoria.
In this scene, two of ‘The Six Men’ return to their car at Victoria. In the background is one of the early 1920s built 3 SUB units that were later augmented with an all-steel Bullied coach to become a 4 SUB. The complete difference in carriage styles is readily apparent and gave the units a distinctive, and rather odd, appearence.