1hr 52mins
Dir: Joseph Losey
Starring: Dirk Bogarde and Sarah Miles

An upper-class aristocrat hires a servant who turns out to have his own hidden agenda

This tightly-constructed psychological drama includes a scene with Dirk Bogarde on the platforms of London St Pancras station as a Class 45 ‘Peak’ arrives with an express from the Midlands. There is also an unusual low-angle shot of the station frontage. The film was adapted from the eponymous 1948 novelette by Robin Maugham.

Dirk Bogarde at St Pancras with a Class 45 arriving behind him. There may be another locomotive in the left hand background.
What do we have here then? Another ‘Peak’? Or perhaps a Class 24? If it is a locomotive it is just too obscured to properly make it out. The platform clutter prevents us from seeing either cab, which doesn’t help.
An unusual view of the concourse at St. Pancras
An equally unusual view of the frontage to St Pancras. Note that the station architecture extended to the provision of stripey steps!!