1hr 51mins
Dir: Jack Gold
Starring: Nicol Williamson and Rachel Roberts

A ruthless business executive returns home to his Liverpudlian roots to investigate his father’s death

This contemporary and penetrating social drama was based on the 1967 Patrick Hall novel The Harp That Once and had the working title A Matter of Honour, to which it is still sometimes referred. It features one shot of Nicol Williamson walking down Beaufort Road in Birkenhead and in the docks behind him are a large number of railway wagons, though no locomotives are seen. There is also a shot of a road/rail bridge in the docks itself but the exact identity has yet to be ascertained.

Plenty of railway wagons in this shot of Birkenhead Docks
This is one of the four bridges that connect Wallasey with Birkenhead though the exact one has not yet been identified. Note the railway lines of the dock system in the road surface.