1hr 34mins
Dir: Harold Becker
Starring: Simon Rouse and Victoria Tennant

A petty thief and his girlfriend steal for kicks

Based on Alan Sillitoe’s short story of the same name, this romantic crime drama is filmed on location in Nottingham and features a scene near the end of the film that was shot on Nottingham station. There is an excellent shot of a Class 45-hauled express (1M04) arriving and filming continues onboard the train. A view out of the window as the train departs reveals the former London Road station building in use as a parcels depot at the time, and in an added bonus, a pair of Class 20s pass, one of which is No.D8016. Curiously, the train journey is dubbed to the sound of an EMU!

A Class 45 brings train IM04 into Nottingham station
Parcels stock and four-wheel vans crowd the sidings at London Road
After which a pair of careworn and tired looking Class 20’s pass in typical nose-to-nose fashion. The locomotive on the left is No.D8016.