1hr 22mins
Dir: Val Guest
Starring: Brian Donlevy and Margia Dean

An astronaut returns to Earth infected with an alien life form

This science fiction horror was one of several based around the fictional scientist Professor Bernard Quatermass, with this film being based specifically on the 1953 BBC Television play The Quatermass Experiment by Nigel Kneale. There is one brief scene in this movie that shows David King-Wood climbing a wall with a ladder from a road below, and he is met by a police officer standing at the top. As he mounts the parapet wall it is evident that the policeman is stood in a railway yard as there is a bufferstop behind him, but nothing else railway related is visible. The road is Goswell Hill in Windsor, and the railway siding is on the very edge of Windsor & Eton Central station in an area since completely redeveloped.

This is the railway shot in the film. Looking down onto Goswell Hill in Windsor from the very edge of Windsor & Eton Central station