1hr 37mins
Dir: Muriel Box
Starring: Ralph Richardson and Margaret Leighton

A chauffeur gets the wrong idea when he reads the erotic novel penned by the lady of the house

This drama uses the ‘film within a film’ device, with the ‘real’ part of the plot shot in black and white and the ‘fictional’ element in colour. Towards the end of the film there is a scene filmed outside Chilworth railway station, though no trains feature. Unfortunately, its brief appearance is as a part of the ‘present’ story so it appears in black and white.

The sequence filmed at Chilworth opens with this shot of what appears to be the crossing keepers cottage and level crossing gates. Note the cast iron railway sign standing prominently on the right.
We then get this shot of the station building with its distinctive corner canopy. Note the footbridge on the right and the small building visible through the entrance to the platform.
As Margaret Leighton picks her children up the station can be seen in closer detail
Finally, as Margaret Leighton reaches her car two vans can be seen standing behind. Presumably they are in a siding and not an open field!! And note also the railway sign. Is it the same as that seen in the first shot?