1hr 33mins
Dir: John Duigan
Starring: Steve Coogan and Jenny Agutter

A bumbling probation officer clears his name after being framed by a corrupt policeman

This decent comedy which, despite the title actually sees Steve Coogan play the part of a probation officer, is filmed largely in Manchester, and has a few railway shots. There is a distant view of a Class 142 ‘Pacer’ DMU crossing the River Irwell Bridge just south of Manchester Victoria station and a distant shot of a Brush single-deck tram on the seafront in Blackpool. There is also an establishing shot of Manchester Central Library in St. Peters Square and just passing out of shot to the right of the picture is the rear of 2000 series T68 Tram No. 2001. The deleted scenes available on the DVD feature a lengthy scene that was filmed onboard 1000 series T68 Tram No.1019.

A Class 142 ‘Pacer’ crosses the River Irwell right in the heart of Manchester
A Brush single-deck tram is visible to the left of this shot of Blackpool seafront
Manchester Metrolink tram No.2001 passes Manchester Central Library in St. Peter’s Square
And from the deleted scenes we get this much better view of tram No.1019.