Dir: Lance Comfort
Starring: Liz Frazer and Kenneth Griffith

A student on a night out comes under suspicion of murder

This decent little crime thriller features good shots of London St Pancras station with an ex-LMS Class 5MT ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 propelling out a rake of coaches. In order, those that pass the camera are Mk.1’s SK No. 24091 and BSK No.35074, then a lovely pair of vintage Gresley’s in the form of No’s.13027 and 12482. The scene then cuts, just as the ‘Black Five’s’ identity approaches! Class 127 DMU’s are also visible in the opening shot and another ‘Black Five’, probably the same one, is also glimpsed beyond the buffer stops.

St Pancras station, and Class 127 DMU’s are visible beyond the crowds
There are several unusual views of St Pancras in this thriller. This one is looking down the steps from the main Station Approach road towards King’s Cross station, which is just visible in the background if you know where to look.
There is surprisingly little footage filmed on the concourse at St Pancras but here it is
Tony Wickert and Nanette Newman check out the time of the Bradford train whilst a ‘Black Five’ lurks in the background
The Bradford train begins to pull out with the two puffs of smoke belonging to a ‘Black Five’ at the rear that is giving the train a helping hand. This exact area now forms part of the upper concourse of the station, with the tracks and platforms having been removed.
The whole train passes the camera, then the scene cuts just as the ‘Black Five’ passes. This is as close as it gets, and its cabside number is tantalisingly out of reach!
Back outside now as Liz Frazer and Tony Wickert leg it out of the station
This shot is looking along Euston Road from Station Approach
Now looking the other way from that above. Note the rather ramshackle building of the Halifax beyond.