1hr 28mins
Dir: Richard Eyre
Starring: Liam Neeson and Romola Garai

A widower suspects his former wife of adultery, and sets out to find the other man in her life

This rather poor Anglo-American drama does at least feature Romola Garai, and there are some railway related scenes as well, even if they are just as bad as the film. These open with a randomly brief run-by of Class 365 EMU No.365524, followed by a shot of the frontage to Angel station. There is then another brief and blurred image of one of the four promotional liveried Class 365’s before a scene with Liam Neeson sat onboard one such unit. There is then a final scene at the end with Liam Neeson and Romola Garai waiting for a train to Cambridge. An announcement can be heard for a First Capital Connect service to Cambridge, leaving from platform 7 and calling at Letchworth Garden City, Royston and Cambridge. The only problem is that the pair are sat on the concourse of London St Pancras! They should of course be next door at King’s Cross.

The random railway sequences in this film open with this closeup shot of 365524. This glimpse clearly shows why these EMU’s are known as ‘Smiley Trains’!
This is the frontage to Angel Underground station, as the sign proclaims.
Liam Neeson and Romola Garai sat together at St Pancras. I think the bench is a prop.
As the credits begin to role the camera pans away to show us more of the station. It is nice to see St Pancras so quiet. Note the Class 373 Eurostar set on the far left.