1hr 52mins
Dir: Sidney Lumet
Starring: Sean Connery and Vivien Merchant

A tough police inspector loses control with a child sex offender

This crime, neo-noir drama, is based upon the 1968 stage play This Story of Yours by John Hopkins and uses a series of flashbacks to tell the story over a twenty-year period. Some parts were filmed around South London with the Battersea and Clapham areas featuring. Some Southern Region EMUs are visible including 4 SUBs and South Western Division semi-fast sets. Plenty of vintage parcels stock also appears in the foreground of one rather graphic scene.

This shot shows a 4 SUB EMU near Wandsworth Town working headcode 89, Waterloo-Waterloo clockwise around the Hounslow Loop.
This is Grant Road, Wandsworth, and as a body is recovered from the tracks a 4 CIG EMU passes by on the still open railway line. Well, it was 1973!!
This shot gives a glimpse of a whole multitude of vintage parcels vans and other stock, stabled in sidings just to the west of Clapham Junction station